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By Dick Maney and BJ McKenzie


A documentary feature-length film about the cleanup of one of the nation's largest Superfund sites.
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“Worth the Wait” is an hour long film that documents the 30 years of reclamation of more than a hundred years of mining and smelting wastes that accumulated in the upper Clark Fork River Basin in Montana, from mines in Butte to the smelters in Anaconda all the way to the Milltown Dam near Missoula.

“Worth the Wait” was created by filmmakers Dick Maney and BJ McKenzie who also made “Butte: the Original” in 2010 about the history and character of Butte.


The film promises to surprise many viewers, even Butte residents, who have forgotten what Butte was like before the cleanup began. No longer do you stand on the hill after a rain storm with an acid taste in your mouth. Former hazardous waste areas have been turned into open spaces, parks, playgrounds, and ball fields.

In addition to Butte, the film covers a vast reclaimed area that includes the site of the Old Works smelters in Anaconda that is today a world class golf course. The Warm Springs Ponds is now waterfowl habitat and home to trophy trout. The Milltown Dam where two rivers merge has been removed and is now a state park. A once dead stream, Silver Bow Creek, is now fished for Cutthroat trout.

Even though the cleanup continues today and some areas like the Berkeley Pit and the Opportunity Ponds will require treatment forever, the extent of what has been accomplished is striking for what seemed to be an overwhelming task 30 years ago.


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